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Every time Margot Robbie referenced a specific Barbie on the red carpet

It's Barbie's world and we're just living in it. 
Every time Margot Robbie referenced a specific Barbie on the red carpet
Lionel Hahn

The Barbie movie may have been 2023's big hit, but Margot Robbie is still bringing her doll-inspired looks on the red carpet – and for 2024, that means Barbie's in her awards season era.

Margot, who – of course – played the Barbie, leaned into the role off-screen since well before the film's launch – fully committing to the Barbie look for premieres, photo calls, and everywhere in between. No airport pap walk has been spared the wrath of pink on pink on pink.

Along with stylist Andrew Mukamal, Robbie put in the work to make her press tour looks as authentic as possible. In fact, several of her ensembles were piece-for-piece recreations of Barbie outfits from decades past. And, since Barbie is up for plenty of gongs this awards season, there will undoubtedly be a few more looks where they came from.

Here, we’ve tracked all of Margot Robbie’s Barbie outfits, and the iconic Barbie dolls that inspired them.

This Barbie Is An Accessory Queen

Accessorising her look with a casual $3 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz jewellery, it wasn't just Margot's pink tulle boa that topped off this Golden Globes look.

Of course, the custom Giorgio Armani Privé pink sequinned gown pulled the majority of the focus, with some of the world's most loyal Barbie fans immediately recognising it as a replica of the 1977 SuperStar Barbie's 50th anniversary.

Gilbert Flores/Golden Globes 2024
This Barbie Is A Caped Goddess

At the Gotham Awards in New York City in November, Margot's look was timeless elegance, inspired by 1964 Barbie from the Black Magic Ensemble collection.

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This Barbie Is Pink and Fabulous

Pink and Fabulous Barbie, 2015; Robbie in Valentino

Mattel Inc/Getty Images

If Barbie owned a sports team, its colors would be hot pink, white, and yellow (Free idea, Mattel! Billionaire Sports Magnate Barbie!), because no other color combo is as instantly recognizable.

Case in point: For a photo call in Beverly Hills, which marked the official kickoff of the Barbie press tour, Robbie wore all three of Barbie’s favorite colors, channeling 2015’s Pink and Fabulous Barbie in a polka-dot Valentino minidress. Even if you didn’t know what Robbie was promoting (though, such is the marketing budget for this film that it feels impossible you wouldn’t know), the color scheme gives it away. She’s just too fabulous!

This Barbie Is On the Go

Robbie in Bottega Veneta


Get in, loser; we’re going to the Barbie/Oppenheimer double feature.

Mattel Inc

The Barbie convertible (doll size) is almost as iconic as the Barbie Jeep (small-child size). But even better? The Barbie convertible (adult size).

Sure, you could’ve painted any old convertible pink and called it a Barbie car, but it’s just not the same without Margot Robbie, clad in head-to-toe Bottega Veneta, sitting in the driver’s seat.

This Barbie Can’t Get Enough of Pink Gingham

Robbie at CinemaCon in Prada; Robbie at the airport in Chanel

Getty Images/Backgrid

Barbie has been sporting gingham—specifically baby pink gingham—since at least 1973, when the Quick Curl doll (below) was released. However, the pattern may be more than a winking reference to Barbie’s heritage.

After the Barbie movie trailer was released in May, fans noticed a few references to The Wizard of Oz—including Barbie’s pink gingham belted dress. Could it be a coincidence, or is Barbie’s look a nod to Dorothy’s famous blue gingham dress?

In addition costumes from the movie, Robbie has already worn the classic checked pattern a few times during the press tour, including a two-piece Prada bra and miniskirt set (above), and a vintage Chanel blazer (which I’ll concede is more of a plaid than a gingham, but close enough).

Quick Curl Barbie, 1973; Barbie Movie Barbie, 2023

Mattel Inc
This Barbie Is “Teenage Fashion Model” Barbie

Teenage Fashion Model Barbie, 1959; Robbie in Hervé Léger

Mattel Inc/Backgrid

Robbie and Mukamal’s work on the recreation of 1959’s Teenage Fashion Model Barbie is truly impressive. The striped Hervé Léger bandage dress mimics the strapless silhouette of the OG Barbie’s swimwear, but the look really comes down to the accessories: white cat-eye sunglasses with blue lenses, patent leather peep-toe mules, and gold hoop earrings are one-for-one recreations. And Robbie’s glam just takes the whole thing over the top. From her perfectly curled pony to the red polish peeking out of her peep-toe shoes, this one is really just perfection.

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen this look, either. We got a glimpse of Robbie in a similar get-up back in December of last year, when Warner Bros. released the film’s first teaser trailer. Clearly, Teenage Fashion Model Barbie was featured prominently on the film’s mood board.

This Barbie Has Plans After Work

Day-to-Night Barbie, 1985; Robbie in Versace

Mattel Inc/Getty Images

Back before the concept of remote work was even fathomable, the “working girl” was often concerned with transitioning her outfit from “day” at the office to “evening” (at least if women’s magazines of the time are to be believed).

Day-to-Night Barbie, 1985; Robbie in Versace

Mattel Inc/Getty Images

Enter “Day-to-Night” Barbie, released in 1985. Robbie wore the Versace version of this 9 to 5–era classic to the Seoul premiere on July 2. Mukamal and Robbie went the extra mile on this one, even bedazzling a faux 1980s cellphone accessory. We love a commitment to the bit.

This Barbie Is Basically Jackie O

Sparkling Pink Barbie, 1964; Robbie in Moschino

Mattel Inc/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time until we got the Moschino version of a Barbie look, and the Italian brand did not disappoint. Their take on the Sparkling Pink Barbie from 1964 is pure camp, from the intense pink hue to the rhinestone embroidery to the quilted heart-shaped leather bag.

Though Moschino took a little liberty with the silhouette, giving Robbie a shorter hemline and a more modern cropped jacket, they maintained the ’60s integrity of Sparkling Pink Barbie with an appropriate accessory: a pillbox hat, complete with an oversized bow. Jackie O is shaking.

This Barbie Knows the Power of a Crimper

Earring Magic Barbie, 1992; Robbie in Balmain

Mattel Inc/Getty Images

Robbie and Mukamal went back in time once again for the Naucalpan de Juarez premiere in Mexico on July 6, paying homage to Earring Magic Barbie (1992) and her hot pink minidress. Robbie’s version is Balmain, and pretty perfectly matches the original without looking too dated—even with the silver chain belt and coordinating earrings weighed down with star charms.

Of course, I selfishly hoped that the actor would’ve committed more fully to the fluffy crimped hair, bangs and all. Maybe next time?

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in Mexico

Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling joined Robbie on the pink carpet for the event; however, he was sadly not dressed as Earring Magic Ken, (or Gay Ken, as the doll was labeled by the public back when it was released in 1993). True to his name, that Ken did wear an earring, as well as a purple mesh T-shirt styled under a matching lavender pleather vest. His look caused an uproar from some scandalized parents who just couldn’t handle his drip, but his release also opened up a national discourse about gender and was popular among the LGBTQ community. We love him for that.

This Barbie Is the Centre of Attention

Solo in the Spotlight Barbie, 1960; Robbie in Schiaparelli

Mattel Inc; Getty

For the LA premiere on July 9, Robbie pulled off her glitziest Barbie look yet: a strapless Schiaparelli couture dress with a voluminous tulle hem. As always, Robbie and Mukamal took their styling cues from Barbie—this time, Solo in the Spotlight Barbie (1960). From the pale pink handkerchief and peep-toe pumps to the black opera gloves and layered diamond necklace, the pair have once again out done themselves. The only thing missing is a mic stand.

Robbie'’s look is a custom creation from Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry and includes a hand-painted rose, which the designer affixed to the dress’s hem. Schiaparelli shared the full process, from sketch to final product, on Instagram.

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Solo in the Spotlight Barbie was one of the brand’s first “career” dolls. Though today you can find Astrophysicist Barbie or Game Developer Barbie, back in the early days of Barbie’s existence, her career paths were limited to more glamorous options: singer, ballerina, teenage fashion model, and “career girl,” to name a few.

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