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Taylor Swift did not leave the Golden Globes right after losing to Barbie, a source says

Everyone was watching Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes.
Taylor Swift Did Not Leave the Golden Globes Right After Losing to Barbie a Source Says
Rich Polk/Golden Globes 2024

Taylor Swift appears to have had a mixed night at the Golden Globes.

There were definitely positive moments: Swift killed it on the red carpet in a sparkling green Gucci dress, immediately sending Swifties spiralling over which re-recording she was teasing. (Though green is often associated with her debut album, Taylor Swift, those sequins were definitely channeling Reputation snake scales.) Then, of course, she got to enjoy a night out with close friend Keleigh Teller, celebrate Emma Stone's victory, and listen to incredibly juicy gossip from Selena Gomez, whether it was Kylothée-related or not.

Still, it must not have felt great to lose her fifth Golden Globe after sitting through a pretty mediocre joke at her expense from host Jo Koy. I mean, you saw her face when Koy declared that the greatest difference between the Globes and the NFL was the fact the awards show has “fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.” Woof.

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In fact, you remember the awkward moment because they immediately cut to Taylor Swift's reaction, instantly disproving his point — not to mention all the other times the camera operators panned to Swift throughout the night…

Was this an egregiously offensive line? Meh. It wasn't nearly as bad as his dig at the Barbie movie. But is it understandable that Swift would prefer to be celebrated for her record-breaking concert film over being used as the butt of a corny joke? Of course!

It's definitely part of the reason some fans believed Swift simply left the awards show altogether after The Eras Tour lost the Globes' new cinematic and box office achievement award to Barbie. “90% sure Taylor has left the event she hasn’t been seen since Barbie,” one fan wrote online, per TMZ screenshots. Another joked, “She'd be like, ‘well I didn’t win, this show is shitty, there's nothing to do here anymore and the host sucks, bye!!’”

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However, a source at the ceremony told TMZ that this wasn't exactly the case. “Taylor left her seat shortly after the cinematic achievement category to go to the restroom, and ended up watching the rest of the show from the back,” the source said. “We’re told she did leave the venue altogether about 15 minutes before the Globes ended.”

This likely means Swift caught at least one more category before leaving, though I'd be shocked if she dipped before seeing Stone's film Poor Things take home the award for best motion picture, musical or comedy. Still, you really can't blame her for sneaking out before those final Oppenheimer acceptance speeches. Who wouldn't want to beat that traffic?

This feature originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.