23 of the best affordable mattresses for a five-star feel in 2024

Good, affordable mattresses do exist.
23 Best Cheap Mattresses 2024

Memory foam is a layer of foam that moulds with your body shape, helping to distribute your body weight, while responding to your body temperature. “The benefits of memory foam are that it is very durable so easy to care for as it won’t need turning as often, and it also offers great pressure relief,” says Hannah.

Most spring-based beds today are supported by pocket springs - small wire springs, surrounded by fabric, which help to support and create the bounce in a mattress. And you’ve guessed it - a Hybrid mattress is when these two forms of support are mashed together to allow for the benefits of both.

What are the benefits of a cheap mattress?

Aside from providing buyers with a better mattress deal, value-wise, than their premium counterparts, an inexpensive mattress can often do away with some of the more superfluous mattress features. For instance, while a gel-infused mattress may boast some serious sleep appeal, you might find that similar and more affordable materials and technologies can offer the same spinal support and breathability. Take the Simbatex foam alternative within Simba's bed-in-a-box foam rolled mattress; it “provides 30x more airflow than standard memory foam,” according to the brand, not to mention supporting the shoulders specifically with its zoned foam layer, much like a gel-infused mattress.

The Simbatex® Essential Foam Mattress

We believe that this, alongside other high-end mattress technologies, like wool-fill and ‘no-flip’ models, do not define the perfect double, king or single mattress. Of course, there are benefits to be had of an extra 3-7 layers of foam, pocketed coils and/or tufting but, in 2023, the cheap mattress market has a lot to be said for it.

How to we test and review the best budget mattresses?

By using buyer feedback from customers who've tried and tested the products, data on what you've been searching for via. Google, as well as checking thoroughly to see which products feature durable/less durable materials. From this, we then pulled together what we feel is a round up of the very best inexpensive mattresses for nightly use. We've rifled through the good and bad comments (and there were some awful ones), so you don't have to, not to mention we - as a team of fashion, interiors and beauty experts - happen to know a thing or two about which brands in the sleep industry have earned their respective places as the ‘best’. Plus, with a team of 30+ here at team GLAMOUR, of course some of us have trialled a cheaper mattress in our time, be it as a student or first-time home owner. Naturally, we have some of our own dos and don't knowhow. Our aim is to find you mattresses which will last and, should anything about one of them signal that that's not the case, you'll be the first to know - happy sleeping.

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